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The Championship 18 Hole Blue Course is now open!

All bookings can be made through the Pro Shop: (011) 640-6693/4456. Bookings open two weeks in advance. 


Coffee Shop / Facilities

The Huddle Park Coffee Shop (Halfway House) boasts some of the most delicious food in a picturesque surrounding and warm atmosphere. For corporate and private functions, please contact the team.



Huddle Park brings you a variety of activities and enjoyment for the whole family. Sport and recreation like cycling, walking and running. 

Check out the Trout Fishing!


Huddle Park - Revival of the fittest

Spade in hand and ready to restore. It took years to fight a battle which some feared was lost before it even began. 

The perseverance of several community members and their fight against council is a testament that if everyone stands together and fights for what they believe in, winning is possible. Years ago, Huddle Park, one of the biggest green lungs in Johannesburg, boasting three golf courses, faced a threat of becoming yet another concrete jungle. Today, some local residents are enhancing this asset, situated in Linksfield, to provide one of the best recreational facilities in Johannesburg.

“We hope to make Huddle Park a place where families can enjoy a day out. We hope to host community festivals and other events that may be of interest to people. This is what this open space was meant for, a place for people to enjoy recreational activities. 

It is not a moneymaking facility, but rather a place of enjoyment. Mr Bagg said that repairing the facility is no easy task. Important and necessary equipment and fittings had been ripped out or damaged by vagrants and the land was in great need of rejuvenation. However, the team is working tirelessly to complete the job and hopefully open the entire facility to the public next year. 

“We have a number of other ideas we plan on exploring. However, all our plans will be community orientated. Once we get off the ground we will have an academy for development golf which will be run by Mr Mike Kletz. “The community is urged to come out and support us,” said Mr Bagg.



Kudos to  all involved for achieving all that they have! So many of "my generation" first honed their golfing "skills" at the old Huddle Park, and seeing this facility rise like a Phoenix from the ashes is truly heartwarming! Having this facility, and particularly once the full course opens next summer, can only be good for the game we all love. You guys deserve a medal! I guess that, in these times, the thing to say is - Give that man a Bells!

- Golf Gladiator - Doing it for charity -

Well done to the team on the transformation of Huddle Park. It is really appreciated and it is known how much hard work and extensive resources have gone into it. You have built a legacy.

- Caryn Cowan Conidaris - 

I get such a thrill every time I drive past and see the course full and carts negotiating the fairways. The course is looking beautiful in its autumn colors. Thank you to everyone!

- Lesa Maguire - 

Passing today and stopped for lunch with family, excellent, food, service was fantastic, will be back .

- Lesley Rae -

When will the main course be open for play? Can't wait to tee it up on one of the legends in Jhb.

- Christo Cilliers - 

Well done on the re-opening. My Dad Paul Snelling taught myself and my brother to play golf at Huddle, so glad to see it's back up and running again. Congrats!

- Louis Snelling -